31 Oct 2012

More than 50 people have died in one of the biggest storms

New York:(Page3 News Network/Newsonair)-More than 50 people have died in one of the biggest storms that hit the north-eastern United States yesterday. At least 18 of the victims were killed in New York city, where the subway system suffered the worst damage in its one-hundred-and-eight-year history. The city's Mayor Michael Bloomberg has warned that it may take days to restore public transport and power supplies to nearly two million households. 
Reports say almost all of lower Manhattan is without electricity. Throughout the city, over 30 lakh people have been affected. Authorities say that it will take days to repair the damage and to get public transport running again. A few buses have resumed service, but the subway tunnels are filled with water.Throughout the vast storm hit area, the scene is one of houses torn from their foundations, fallen trees and flooded streets. Forecasters say the storm was expected to turn towards western New York state during the evening before moving into Canada. 
The New York Stock Exchange will re-open today after remaining closed for two days. All New York's major airports are closed as their runways are flooded. 
The United Nations says that its headquarters in New York will remain closed for the third day today due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy. A UN spokesman said all meetings at the headquarters have been cancelled
President Barack Obama suspended campaigning for a third day ahead of next week's Presidential election so that he could supervise the clean-up. He is scheduled to visit storm hit areas. His Republican challenger Mitt Romney has hoever resumed low-key campaigning yesterday.

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