17 Jan 2014

Steps to Safeguard the Interest of Indian Women from Fraudulent Marriages with Overseas Indians

The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has launched an educational –cum- awareness campaign for the Indian brides getting married to overseas Indians and published a Guidance Pamphlet on “Marriages to Overseas Indians” in English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Punjabi. 

A booklet in English have been published containing information on safeguards available to women deserted by their NRI spouses, legal remedies available, authorities that can be approached for redressal of grievances and NGOs which can provide assistance. 

This is also posted on Ministry’s website. 

The Government has taken several steps to safeguard the interest of Indian women from fraudulent marriages with overseas Indians. 

The steps taken in this direction include providing legal/financial assistance to the Indian women who are deserted/divorced by their overseas spouses. 

The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs also implements a scheme for legal assistance to Indian women deserted by their overseas husbands. 

Under the scheme, assistance of US$3000 in developed countries and US$2000 in developing countries is given through Indian Missions for filling cases in the local courts or for legal counseling through the NGOs empanelled with Indian Missions/posts. 

The Ministry promotes publicity-cum-awareness campaign through audio visual advertisement on regional TV network and print media from time to time. 

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