24 Feb 2014

Steps to check Soil Erosion newstrust.in The extent of Land degradation reported

Government of India
An ongoing Centrally Sponsored Scheme “Support to State Extension Programme Reforms” popularly known as ATMA Scheme is under implementation in 630 districts of 28 States & 3 UTs of the country. 

The scheme promotes decentralized farmer-driven and farmer-accountable extension system through an institutional arrangement for technology dissemination in the form of an Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) at district level.Under the scheme grants-in-aid is released to the state designated agency of respective states with an objective to support State Government efforts of revitalization of the extension systems and making available the latest agricultural technologies in different thematic areas including organic farming and use of fertilizers and manures to increase agricultural production through extension activities viz.

 Farmers Training, Demonstrations, Exposure Visits, Kisan Mela, Mobilization of Farmers Groups and Setting up of Farm School. Areas for farmers’ campaign, training, exposure visits etc. Extension activities are chosen by the State based on bottom-up planning and requirement of farmers. Since inception (2005-06), over 280 lakh farmers have benefitted under the Scheme so far. 

The ICAR also imparts training, organizes Front Line Demonstration etc. to educate farmers on technologies to prepare various types of organic manure, efficient bio-fertilizers developed under Network Project. ICAR has also uploaded package of practices 14 crops in their Project Directorate for Farming System Research (PDFSR) website.

Under the National Project on Organic Farming (NPOF) the National Centre of Organic Farming (NCOF), Ghaziabad exhibits big stall in International Trade Fair every year at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Technical expert used to test the soil samples of visiting farmers.

 Details of organic farming, use of bio-fertilizers/ manure are discussed by technical experts with farmers students and other visitors. Besides, whenever State Government organize farmers fair or other related event and invite to Regional Centre of Organic Farming of their jurisdiction, technical experts used to attend the event to disseminate the technical knowhow to farmers.

In addition soil testing campaigns are organized by states under their own scheme to promote balance use of fertilizers.

NCOF/RCOFs are regularly distributing leaflets pamphlets and other technical literatures in bilingual and vernacular to farmers during various programmes/trainings to farmers. Recently, radio jingles on organic farming has been broadcast through FM radio for farmers.

This information was given today by Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Processing Industries, Dr. Charan Das Mahant in a written reply to Lok Sabha questions. 

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